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Kreedz Hack (KzH)
[ · Download from mirror (59 kb) ] 16.09.2011, 18:03

Cheat for Steam version of CS 1.6.
Has the following functions:
Slowmo (Sloumo) - slows everything down
BunnyHope Hack (Bhop)
NoFlash - guarantors are not blind
NoSmoke - removes smoke
3rd Person - a third-person view (like in GTA)

The archive is 4 files:

It binds all written for strafing, the entire contents of the file you want to copy and paste into the console.

Everything in it, you vtulit in the config.

-KzH.exe and KzH.dll
It puts in cstrike (folder, which is in the directory of your CC)

How to run:
Run-KzH.exe (in the folder cstrike)
-Console is entered in the file contents bind.txt

on the button "q" strafe, that is, jump and press "q" (if q does not jump, register in the console bind "q" "+ sw23.str")

The archive config 2 options:
* Gervy standard
* The second configuration is written FANEq'om (c beetles), and includes customized GroundStrafe FastRun 277 u / s. Multistrafe on Mouse3
FastRun on Q
GStrafe stands on F

Configuration settings (you can type in console):
kzh_autoduck - squat at the end of the jump
kzh_autojump - includes autojump (function itself jumps from the edge of the block)
kzh_autojump_units - some distance from the edge of the block will jump (minimum 2)
kzh_bhop - Bath hop script (1 - incl.)
kzh_bhop_standup - kneels at the end of each jump while using raspryga.
kzh_cam - in a play mode in the third person.
kzh_noflash - NO Flash.
kzh_nosmoke - No Smoke.
kzh_speed - slowmo - slows down time, with this you can do better strafe. (Standard 1, delayed from 0.1 to 0.9. More than 1 - acceleration).
kzh_speed_method - (1 / 2) 1: slow down the player, and 2: slowing the game

(Taken from Zhyk.ru)

Here is a description of a man who used the cheat:
In this article I want to tell you about the positive aspects of cheating, but about Chita kz_hack
This cheat is designed to increase the range of hopping player. Here are the features of this reader:
Slowmo - slows down the time
Bhop Hack - Bhop
No Flash, No Smoke
3rd Person - view from a third party
You can use it just for the sake of curiosity, since the pleasure of the game will not get ... after a while you get tired of it.
The uniqueness of this reader is that jumping, using this cheat, you increase the distance of the jump to 15-20 units.
Modelka your player to jump when you press makes a strafing 9, instead of your 6-7, you perform yourself.
Can be used for different types of jumps (b-hop jump, long jump, high jump, etc.).
It is also attached to this Chita No flash, then you are not blind flash grenades.
Still attached No smoke, so you can see free space through smoke grenades.
Is also attached Bhop hack, it helps to develop speed when jumping b-hop.
Install and use the cheat is quite simple, for this you need to cheat myself and Counter-Strike 1.6 Steam.
I wish you a successful game. "

PASS hacks-cs.clan.su
Category: Hacks for CS 1.6 | Added by: ^^ADMIRALL^^
Views: 32134 | Downloads: 10622 | Comments: 16 | Rating: 3.6/21
Total comments: 161 2 »
where is the password i m new

give me the link plz

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yg ajilah ymu >?

how to us it

magari kzha mara chartva ar vici

how downlad hack kzh




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