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Counter-Strike 1.6


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Extract - The program can export textures in zatsshity. BSP map file. It will be very useful to all maps builders who love to borrow other people's textures. Small footprint, works like a clock, controlled from the command line.
Mapping | Views: 4516 | Downloads: 1163 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (0)

Compilers for Valve Hammer Editor - four console, small programs that convert the format of the map. MAP (source) in size. BSP (friendly game). Also, these compilers are called pro Utilities, known as the developer. Since the source code for utilities is open, then there are people who have improved them and added new features. So there were utilities ZHLT: Custom Build, which can be considered more successful than the original ZHLT.
Mapping | Views: 2980 | Downloads: 660 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (1)

A program to transfer maps from a * bsp * map. Let me remind you size * map supports Valve Hammer Editor, in connection with this program extremely useful for maperov - fans do remixes of cards, such as de_dust2x2
WinBSP (WinBSPC v1.3), Bsp2Map (BSPC version 1.4) - Both programs allow you to decompile ready cards (including standard), in the original format. MAP
Mapping | Views: 3525 | Downloads: 898 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (0)

Wally is able to work with. WAD files that Half-Life stores all of its texture. Wally is able to import, edit textures. WAD files. A very necessary thing, if you want to use your own textures.
*** Patterns - this is the image used in creating the maps, for example, without sand texture map de_dust would not be such a sand.
Mapping | Views: 3332 | Downloads: 720 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (0)

The generator of natural landscapes, the hills are just a mouse with a few tools.
Requires. Net Framework 1.1
Mapping | Views: 2911 | Downloads: 645 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (1)

So start with the qoole. What is it and what it eats. Qoole99 editor quake1-2, hexen2, half-life (Counter-Strike), sin, heretic2. And so now a quick look at the first boot interfeys.Posle qoole will ask you to select a directory with the game and ask him to download a standard texture or not. Their texture is usually no point in doing so as they can be obtained as it is very p ...
Mapping | Views: 2753 | Downloads: 544 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (0)

View Card Counter - Strike (* bsp) without entering the game. Bered use, you must configure the file BSP_view.cfg. It all russify, simply sign your settings.
Mapping | Views: 2945 | Downloads: 693 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (0)

The program allows you to view model Counter - Strike (weapon, players), without going into the game. For example downloaded the new AC, looked him in the program, evaluated, and did not have to install it and run the server to check.
Half-Life Model Viewer - a program for viewing models for Half-Life (. MDL)
Jed's Half-Life Model Viewer 1.3 - Improved version of the Model Viewer. Unlike the original, it can display transparency of texture ..
Modeling | Views: 4134 | Downloads: 973 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (1)

Program to change the format of models *. mdl, from right to left and back again.
Can be used to change the display of a specific weapon, simply put allows to change the left hand on the right and vice versa.
For example if you wanted to do all the weapons at his right hand and a knife on the left, then this program you just need.
Modeling | Views: 3521 | Downloads: 889 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (0)

3D Exploration - previous version of Deep Exploration. He knows a little less formats, but weighs less.
Program for viewing and converting 3D graphics. Experts believe that it is not only versatile, but, unlike its rivals, yet easy to use.
In the archives of the program itself and the medication for her.
Modeling | Views: 8325 | Downloads: 2393 | Date: 18.09.2011 | Comments (2)


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