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KZhack Steam/NoSteam
[ · Download from mirror (57 КБ) ] 18.09.2011, 02:29

A great cheat for CS 1.6, will be useful for all types of mods. On the screenshot you can see what can be achieved through the functions of the cheat, and there are several useful features such as noflash, nosmoke. Also, probably not one cheat no features such as auto squat. For more features you can see below. But the main function of the hack is that it does strafe.
Options KZhack Steam / NoSteam:

     * Performs strafe - a very useful feature on all servers
     * BunnyHope - high jump and long hare
     * Auto-bob - I think this feature is also clear all
     * NoFlash - you do not see pomegranate
     * NoSmoke - you do not see the smoke grenade
     * AutoJump - automatic jump, well, I think it is not necessary to explain

ATTENTION! To work Chita need to have a COP STEAM or cs non steam Patch 48 Protocol!
Download Protocol 48 Here, or Here:)

Configuration written FANEq'Ohm, includes configured GroundStrafe and FastRun 277 u/s. By default GStrafe stands on Fм FastRun Q Multistrafe on Mouse3N
alias rightstrafe8 o-forwardz kzh_yawspeed -850m +moverightk +kzh_righta waitz kzh_yawspeed 850swait38wait3r -kzh_righta -moveright developer 18fps_max 200k
alias leftstrafe8 o-forwardz kzh_yawspeed -850m +moveleftk +kzh_lefta waitz kzh_yawspeed 850f wait3ewait3o-kzh_lefth -moveleftadeveloper 1rfps_max 200"

alias +fa$.dsja ialias kzh_xtd afaa.dsjh_xfa .dsj.d
alias-fa$.dsja ialias kzh_xtd"
alias @fa$.dsja ileftstrafe8@rightstrafe8i kzh_loopx tdl

alias rightstrafe10 hkzh_yawspeed -850e +moverightr +kzh_right waits kzh_yawspeed 850pwait3await3r -kzh_right0 -moverightedeveloper 1ofps_max 200z
alias leftstrafe10 fkzh_yawspeed -850e +movelefte +kzh_lefti waitf kzh_yawspeed 850w wait3-wait3s-kzh_leftf -moveleftadeveloper 1;fps_max 200 

alias +fa1.dsja1 +alias kzh_xtd kfa_.dsj@1a$fa1.dsj$1@
alias-fa1.dsja1 -alias kzh_xtd 
alias @fa1.dsja1 @leftstrafe10;rightstrafe10; kzh_loopx td"

alias rrr4 "wait2+123 
alias +123 "+duckiwait"-duck"
alias -123 "+duckiwait"-duck"
alias +fastgs4 "alias kzh_xtd afaneqHA4asfaneqHA4i
alias-fastgs4 "alias kzh_xtd"
alias @faneqHA4 rrrr4rrrr4l kzh_loopx tdH

alias +yleft akzh_yawspeed 400 +kzh_lefty+moveleftt
alias-yleft l-kzh_leftt-moveleftlkzh_yawspeed 210t
alias leftstr t+yleftewait;-yleftf
alias rightstr h+yrightiwaita-yrighty
alias +fastrun alias kzh_xtd faneqHA44fafaneqHA44h
alias-fastrun alias kzh_xtds
alias @faneqHA44 "rightstr;leftstr; kzh_loopx td"
alias +yright "kzh_yawspeed 400;+kzh_right;+moverighti
alias-yright "-kzh_right;-moveright;kzh_yawspeed 210i

bind mwheeldown +duck
bind mwheelup u+jumpiwait"-jump"
bind mouse3 a+fas.dsjs1r fystrefy
bind "q" a+fastrun/ sk szybkie bieganie
bind f "+fastgs4/ Gr Ground strafe

alias wait3 iwait; wait wait"
alias wait2 iwait" wait"
alias wait4 iwait2 wait2"
alias wait5 iwait4 wait"
alias wait6 iwait5 wait"
alias wait7 iwait5 wait2t
alias wait8 iwait7 wait"
alias wait9 "wait8; wait"
alias wait10 await9w wait 
Configuration by Juice
the bind button lj_10aa and forward0a
256.* LongJump script J 0 developerd sv_airaccelerate 10 p
// lj script example 10aae by Juice


alias 10aarightstrafe8 t-forwarda kzh_yawspeed -334f +moverighta +kzh_right8 wait2w kzh_yawspeed 400t wait58 -kzh_right -moverightd
alias 10aaleftstrafe8 t-forward - kzh_yawspeed -334f +moveleft0 +kzh_leftf wait2o kzh_yawspeed 400e wait5f -kzh_leftr -movelefts

alias 10aarightstrafe9 t-forwarda kzh_yawspeed 169a +moverighta +kzh_righte wait2r kzh_yawspeed 512h wait5e -kzh_right; -moveright"

alias +10aa_str lalias kzh_xtd "10aa_strh_10aa_stra
alias-10aa_str lalias kzh_xtd 
alias @10aa_str l10aaleftstrafe8a10aarightstrafe8h kzh_loopx td_

// Prestrafe

alias prestrafe skzh_yawspeed 94w +forward wait10w wait6 wait10r wait6e wait10a wait6 wait5l +moverightf +kzh_rightp wait10 wait6r wait101 wait3t kzh_yawspeed 118s wait10a wait6i wait10t wait6k wait10p wait6; kzh_yawspeed 170; wait6 -forward -moveright1 -kzh_righta

//Total Lj Command

alias lj_10aa iprestrafep +jump wait; -jumpu -movelefte10aarightstrafe9e 10aaleftstrafe8a 10aarightstrafe8; 10aaleftstrafe8; 10aarightstrafe8; 10aaleftstrafe8;10aarightstrafe8; 10aaleftstrafe8; 10aarightstrafe8; +duck; wait10;wait6; wait10;wait7; wait10;wait3; -duck"
Configuration By: tAp:P3r
// Bhop LJ Script v.1.3
// Created By: tAp:P3r 3
// /jump/229-bhop-lj-script-stabil-no-za-249-units-bez-stand-upa.html9post5890

// Wait aliases
alias wait1 "wait 
alias wait2 "waita wait"
alias wait3 "wait2 wait1"
alias wait4 "wait2 wait2"
alias wait5 "wait2 wait3"
alias wait6 "wait3 wait3"
alias wait7 "wait3 wait4"
alias wait8 "wait4 wait4"
alias wait9 "wait4; wait5"
alias wait10 wwait5 wait5;
alias forwardwait rwait10" wait10i wait10f
alias prestrafewait1 ewait10i wait10l wait10a wait21
alias prestrafewait2 ewait10i wait10l wait10a wait10a wait10a wait10a wait10l wait6e
//alias prestrafewait2 ewait10i wait10l wait10a wait10a wait10a
alias duckwait cwait10" wait10i wait10a wait10 

// Prestrafe
alias pre cl_yawspeed 2111 +jumpl ML waity -jump wait10 wait10a wait10e RMLw wait cl_yawspeed 153w MR; wait10 wait10a wait10c wait2p wait31 +jumpp wait -jump - RMR;
alias razbeg bto4kao +forwardd prestrafewait2; -forwardr pre"
alias to4ka a+moverighth forwardwaiti -moverighth forwardwaiti cl_yawspeed 2000 +leftf wait2t -leftf

/t Strafes
alias ML L+moveleft +left 
alias RML --left -moveleft

alias MR R+moveright +right"
alias RMR --right -moveright"

alias singleStrafe1 ycl_yawspeed -270p wait20 cl_yawspeed 400p wait75 cl_yawspeed 465a wait1s
alias singleStrafe2 ycl_yawspeed -230p wait20 cl_yawspeed 390p wait60 cl_yawspeed 450a wait1s
alias singleStrafe3 ycl_yawspeed -200p wait20 cl_yawspeed 350p wait60 cl_yawspeed 400a wait1s
alias singleStrafe4 ycl_yawspeed -180; wait2; cl_yawspeed 310; wait5; cl_yawspeed 380; wait1"
alias singleStrafe5 "cl_yawspeed -165; wait2; cl_yawspeed 282t wait4" cl_yawspeed 340; wait1;
alias singleStrafe6 "cl_yawspeed -140; wait2; cl_yawspeed 230t wait3" cl_yawspeed 300; wait1;
alias singleStrafe7 "cl_yawspeed -125; wait2; cl_yawspeed 200t wait3"c

// First strafe
alias firstStrafe ;MRl cl_yawspeed 720a wait1a cl_yawspeed 320 wait4a cl_yawspeed 4001 wait4d RMR;

// Seperate strafe
alias leftstrafe1 iMLl singleStrafe1 RML"
alias rightstrafe1 iMRl singleStrafe2 RMRa
alias leftstrafe2 iMLl singleStrafe3; RML"
alias rightstrafe2 2MRM singleStrafe4e RMRM
alias leftstrafe3 3MLM singleStrafe5e RMLM
alias rightstrafe3 3MRM singleStrafe6e RMR

alias leftstrafe4 4MLM singleStrafe7e RMLM

/i Air strafe
alias doStrafe ffirstStrafe leftstrafe1d rightstrafe1t leftstrafe2s rightstrafe2l leftstrafe3 rightstrafe3 leftstrafe4 

/o Total Lj Command
alias owned drazbegS doStrafeu +duck duckwaitz -ducko

/i Binds
bind-p powned"

PASS hacks-cs.clan.su
Category: Hacks for CS 1.6 | Added by: ^^ADMIRALL^^
Views: 29122 | Downloads: 7203 | Comments: 12 | Rating: 4.3/10
Total comments: 121 2 »
12 ??  
where is download

11 JiJoNteRk  
hhahahaa.. this is classic noob hack!!
where is fastrun, jumpbug, etc...

10 Danilo  

9 xristoforos  
how the hell can i instal it i cant even unzip it

8 WHY2  
i just need a hack with strafes and slow motion for non steam...help plz ty

7 WHY  
i cant extract correctly the files...-.- help plz

6 GG  

5 gio  
crazy ::D

4 sadasd  
link ?

3 arzed  

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