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The most powerful hack MegaHack
[ · Download from mirror (100 kb) ] 16.09.2011, 20:38

Here is one of the most powerful and multifunctional cheat in Counter Strike - Megahack. It has absolutely all the features that you can only imagine! This is far ahead of myself cheat CartofelHack and the functionality it currently is not inferior to no one! Better reader of this, you will not find. And I would like to add that this hack has over 50 functions that are useful to every cheater!

Hitbox Style Aimbot
Bone Style Aimbot
Origin Style Aimbot
Auto Pistol - pistol shooting as a robot
Smooth Aiming
Randomized Aiming
Adjustable Aim Spots
FOV or Distance Based Aiming

Wallhacks - the most common wallhack
Nightmode - makes the night to the server (for you)
Whitewalls - white walls everywhere, who can comfortably
Entity Glow
Outline Walls
Super Flashlight - supper blinding grenade (like the entire server)
Nosky - on the map is fully retracted sky
Remove Gun - something to rip it out of arms
Crosshair - a convenient new scope
Scope Removal

Name ESP - shows the nickname of all players
Entity ESP
Weapon ESP - shows who has a gun
Sprite ESP
Box ESP - enclosed in a box over the players
Distance ESP - shows the distance to the near enemy
Spiked Models - more notable models
Barrel Effects
Reload Meters - instant recharge, we can say without
Entity Glow
Player Glow
Target Lights
SoundESP - sound esp, or something like that
Adjustable ESP positions - positions shows esp

LTFX Speedhack - ordinary SpeadHack
Bunnyhop - long and high jump bhop hare
Duck Jump - dack pryshki, jump like a duck! I think many people know
Grenade Dodge

Clock - convenient hours to hack
Clean Screenshots - clean screenshots
Winamp - you can embed any music to cheat
Mouse Driven GUI - that has something to do with a mouse
Console - Console for easy reader (separate)
Scripting Engine
Ingame HLSS

AntiScreenshot - you do not who can not skringshtonit when you play with the cheat! less chance of the ban.
Speed ​​Graph - at speedhack, good graphics
Spycam - you can watch any player
Rearview Mirror
Saystats - shows convenient statistics
Statsbox - shows how much hp the players, and they are enclosed in boxes

Auto Updating Offsets
Auto Updating Binary
Seperate MOD saves
Seperate Menus - in a convenient menu hack
Noflash - you can not dazzle grenades
Nosmoke - you do not see the smoke from smoke grenades
Nospread - do not move out sight
Norecoil - there is no variation in weapons
Visual Recoil Removal - no sight travels
C4 Timer - shows the timer to the bomb
VIP / Bomb Carrier ESP
Bloody Headshots - Headshots blood
Trans Shield
Quake Guns - any gun from Quake, not understood in general

Report a virus:
Check the file for scanning and virustotal showed that dangerous viruses in this hack is detected, but still advise to disable the antivirus before downloading the hack, to avoid accidentally deleting antivirus weighty functions hack or even delete it. Secure virus that will not harm your computer found only a few American anti-virus.

PASS hacks-cs.clan.su
Category: Hacks for CS 1.6 | Added by: ^^ADMIRALL^^
Views: 9648 | Downloads: 4012 | Rating: 4.0/4
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