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Collection of glitches and bugs Hlds
16.10.2011, 12:58

In general, the topic I think will be useful for beginners, I suggest in this thread to spread all sorts of errors that can proizoydi in hlds, and their solutions

Collection of glitches and bugs hlds

Warning: RAD_ERROR_NOCONTENT for cellid 180
Warning: RAD_ERROR_NOCONTENT for cellid 181

This error occurs because the file cstrike / iga.dat, which cuts off in-game advertising
The solution: put a steam server biggrin, joke nontraded attention to the error


This error occurs (for me personally), if the system is written that there is an Internet (network connectivity) (or LAN), but the output (the Internet or LAN) is unavailable, and you try to send a packet to the output is not available, a system error occurs .
Solution: Check the connection settings

Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on Client 56

and is released to the main menu, skorree only on the server version of the patch is older than you
Solution: change the patch

Your Server is out of date
This server is a running of new protocol (48) that your client (47)
No masters loaded
Using default master
Not looking for a server to find
Do not display server on the Internet

Read this: http://www.all-cs.net.ru/forum/15-16332 topic

Instructions for ussing address "blablabla" referenced memory ussing address "blablabla". The memory could not be "Read"

Workaround number 1:

Disable the plug-ins:


then in

addons / metamod / plugins.ini

remove the line

win32 addons / hlguard / dlls / hlguard_mm.dll

Also try turning off the booster:

addons / metamod / plugins.ini

remove the line (if any lines that do not have that scary)

win32 addon / sbooster_lite / dlls / booster_lite.dll
win32 addonsboosterdllsbooster.dll

This method may not help unnecessarily, there are other plugins / modes that can produce this error

Server crashes and stupid everything is not responding
BAD: 127: svc_bad
Host_Error: CL_ParseServerMessage:

Most likely your server or carried Ddos attack, or someone hacked into the server using the exploit.
Remedy number 1:
Install any antiddoser, they all close if not mistaken is also the possibility of many exploits on your server, as well as bad poor to protect the server from DDoS attacks.

Method ustaneniya problem number 2:
Install patch newer, many exploits work only on older patches.

Can't use keys or values ​​with a

Not sure yet but try to put newer patch, with a special exploit can cause this error and break some server (with the old patch with or without protection), ie, the error is caused by evil hackers

Error: server failed to transmit file "blablabla"

The server can not send this file to the client (connecting the player), most likely because the server the file is not present.

Error Coulndt open "blablabla.wad"

For this card nenayden this. Wad file.
Either remove the card from the server or the internet looking for the missing file

Host_Error: UserMsg: Not Present on blablabla
Z_free: freed a freed pointer
Server kick players
I can not see game chat

Disconnect rhlguard

Disable the plug-ins:


then in

addons / metamod / plugins.ini

remove the line

win32 addonshlguarddllshlguard_mm.dll

Very long map change

try to remove (perimenovat / move) custom.hpk
read somewhere long as the board of the change of MAP, search in Google

Net_queuepacket: Wsaeafnosupport

Disconnect hldsguard

Host_Error: PF_Message_I: Refusing to send user message Say Text of 193 bytes to client, user message size limit is 192bytes

Two reasons:
Or go to the server attacks
Either you have a buggy version translit.amxx, turn it off for a day to check.

Also beginning scripters sometimes make mistakes in their plug-ins, where they write the maximum size of a text variable to 256, while if the variable reaches 192 characters, the server is down. Therefore, (scripters) limit all your text size in kvar 191 (better 190), and administrators - view plug-ins that make the manipulation of the chat.

LAN servers are restricted to local clients (class C)

Put sv_lan 0 on the server.
If you lost admin panel - change patch

Reliable channel overflow

If you get a warning Reliable channel overflow, then the reasons may be:

Problems with internet connection from your computer or server.
Your system is running P2P or similar program, sending e-mails can also cause problems.
Other computers on your network using an Internet connection.
Congested Internet connection from the server to which you are connected (too many players who are sending mail, etc.).
You are using a wireless connection.
Your computer is infected with viruses, Trojans, or worms, which can use an Internet connection.
You are connected to the Internet using an analog (56K) modem.
Higher values ​​of cl_cmdrate cl_updaterate or your Internet connection.
You can find and eliminate the source of your problem:

Close all unnecessary programs before you start playing
Disconnect all other computers on your home network to make sure that they do not cause problems
Check out all the computers in your home network for viruses or spyware
If you are using a wireless connection, try to connect directly to ethernet cable and disable the service Wireless Zero Configuration (as described in the topic Game regularly lags for several seconds)
Follow the guidelines on setting up your dial-up 56K-connection (but be aware that this problem may appear from time to time with analog modems) Dr Tweak's Advanced 56k help guide
Frequency (rate) by default, from 3500 to 5000 for 56K Modem, 7500 for DSL and 9999 for Cable/T1, you should use a frequency that is appropriate for your connection. You can set the rate with the console (usually "~"), enough to enter, for example:
rate 7500
The default value for cl_updaterate - it's 20, setting a higher value increases the number of incoming requests for your connection. Set in the console:
cl_updaterate 20
The default value for cl_cmdrate - this is 30, set a higher value increases the number of outgoing requests for your connection. Set in the console:
cl_cmdrate 30

P.S. blablabla - it can be absolutely anything
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