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sv_lan and little patches of
16.10.2011, 12:31

So, I would like to present you (not) a great article about sv_lan who can change the gameplay in the second on your server, as this topic will be explained on two fingers that such patches.


So this is a server only variable (cvar) and may take the values ​​1 or 0, can be registered in the server.cfg (sv_lan 0 / 1) or specified at startup
Why is this variable? We all know that playing counter-strike download it from neither be from the Internet, we're playing in cracked cs (ie, non-steam). Not cracked cs (Bought, license) must be purchased and then he would be legally ie Steam cs. So, to play Steam cs (if you've already bought), you first need to run the steam.exe, which already runs itself nc and you can play on legal servers (ie Steam servers, these servers can not play using a hacked version that is written below why).
Steam.exe can run in offline mode. In offline mode, steam.exe, to play on legal servers, counter-strike, you can not. So, for players who want to play on the locale on the server counter-strike, the server counter-strike (hlds.exe) provides variable sv_lan, if it is to unity, the server will let everyone on the server, but will not let anyone with Internet . If you would be zero, the server will let everyone, but checking the players they have bought cs or not, the server will be admitted only with the players bought cs.
Next, in principle, some cracking counter-strike (which you started to play, he called the client) you can get it to run without steam.exe (A normal client requests before starting his run steam.exe), and if in addition the server will sv_lan 1 such that the cracked cs, miss server even if it is not bought and cracked.
Unfortunately hlds does not pass to the server from the Internet players in sv_lan 1 and sv_lan 0 in will check the players bought a CA or not.
What should I run for the CA server? download and run the server itself. Burglars have downloaded the CA server and broke it,
Now when sv_lan 0 server will not check whether the CA bought the player, and when sv_lan 1 will start with the Internet.
What is the difference now for the compromised server will sv_lan 1 or 0? and very large. Each player in the steam, is given a unique number. So when sv_lan 0 is not compromised! server retrieves information about a player who wants to connect to it from the system Steam, steam room knows (steam_id) player, and when sv_lan 1 gives all the players of this type steam_id
(Correct if wrong)
If the server is hacked and pirated sv_lan 0 then players shall be issued as steam_id steam_666: 88:666 (Well, or as an intruder did) but the fact is such that all cracked players are given one number.

What does it lead?
By admin checks that amxmodx right players only if they steam_id as steam_id: [number in the steam]
or if steam_id stands as
If sv_lan 0 on the cracked version of hlds, pirate players (ie players with a broken cs) issued steam_666: 88:666 or the one who put a cracker. Therefore, in some patches in admin panel sv_lan 0 can not be issued

What are patches
The first time cracked hlds, cracked version released on the Internet. But in the game engine counter-strike by its developers are constantly developed, and every time you download steam server from the Internet, you download the latest version, of course the old hacked version of the server, they have bugs and flaws that have a recent version does not. Therefore, attackers have downloaded the server again and again broke. This was a second patch, and then updated hlds again, hackers have downloaded it again, and broke it already was the third patch, etc.
In principle, it is downloaded at the time hlds, cracked, and laid out on the Internet
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