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Main » 2011 » October » 16 » Free games and fashion on Steam
Free games and fashion on Steam
List of games and mods that can be activated free of Steam.

1. For owners of the cards ATI / AMD, the incentive is available free of charge following the game Half-Life 2: Deathmatch (does not include the Source CDK) and Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

2. For owners of the video card nVidia, the incentive is available free of charge following the game Portal: First Slice (demo version of Portal), Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast

3. Steam provides the ability to download and install all of its users with the following games: Team Fortress 2, Champions Online, Global Agenda, Spiral Knights, Alien Swarm, America's Army 3, BattleForge, Between, Codename Gordon, COIL, Mightier, Moonbase Alpha, Peggle Extreme, Sam & Max: Episode 4, Spacewar, TrackMania Nations Forever, The Cat and the Coup

4. By purchasing and installing one of the games, which include package Source CDK: Counter-Strike Source, Half-Life 2, Day of Defeat: Source, you have the opportunity to activate the free game mode and based on this technology. List of games: Age of Chivalry, DIPRIP Warm Up, Dystopia, Eternal Silence, INSURGENCY, Pirates, Vikings, and Knights II, Smashball, Synergy, Zombie Panic! Source, Empires. (All these games, there is support SteamWorks). It is also free, you can download from the official developer sites and set the following games and fashion: Awakening, Battle Grounds 2, Empires Mod, Fortress Forever, Half-Life 2: Capture the Flag, Hidden: Source, Gmod 9, MINERVA, Revolt The Decimation , Riot Act, Rock 24, Zombie master

5. Get your account in the game NBA 2K9 as follows: Download the mini image. Mount the mini image. Start with a mounted mini image file setup.exe, and then in the dialog box, select Install, accept the license, then click Next, Next. At the end of all message types see Registration Succesfull in this window click Next, but a proposal to continue the installation click Cancel, because there is no way in the mini game installation files. After all that we see, that appeared in the list of NBA 2K9. Just click to continue downloading and download all the content from the servers of the game Steam.

6. If you have Half-Life 1, we can put Half-Life High Definition Pack.

7. If you have Half-Life 2, you can put Half-Life 2 Buka Localization.

8. In the presence of Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is possible to put Mare Nostrum and Darkest Hour.

9. In the presence of Killing Floor you can put Defence Alliance 2.

10. Get your account in the game Dark Messiah of Might and Magic can be read (only during the campaign). Register on http://forum.cdaction.pl/register.html (for registration using the mail to gmail.com), confirm the activation by mail. Login by entering your login information: http://www.cdaction.pl, go to the game and choose http://www.cdaction.pl/seriale/ key is to come to the email, specified at registration .. activate key Steam and download this game =) Also, there can be other keys to games, see the list is updated frequently.

11. Get your account in the game MLB Front Office Manager you can download a mini image. Mount the mini image. Start with a mounted mini image file setup.exe, and then in the dialog box, select Install, accept the license, then click Next, Next. At the end of all message types see Registration Succesful.

12. To get a free game addon-RACE 07 - Formula RaceRoom Add-On, register with us online http://www.raceroom.net/register/. After creating an account on your e-mail will come to an activation key game.

13. Also, always available fresh demos of new games on the link http://store.steampowered.com/freestuff/demos/.

Keys for Steam, you can always purchase on-line in our store http:/ / mediasoft.plati.ru

Steam - service digital distribution company Valve, well-known developer of computer games. Steam acts as service activation, download via the Internet, automatic updates and news for both of the games Valve, and third-party developers, in agreement with Valve.Cherez Steam sold all games released Valve, as well as playing third-party developers and publishers such as Activision, Codemasters, Eidos Interactive, EA Games, Epic Games, GSC Game World, id Software, SEGA, THQ, Atari, Rockstar Games, UbiSoft, NCSoft and many other companies have issued a contract to distribyutsiyu.Po of July 2010, on Steam is distributed more thousands of games and collected, and the number of active users exceeded 15 millionov.Polny list of publishers and developers collaborating with Steam, is publicly available on the website Steam.


Steam acts as a technical means of copyright protection (DRM) (even if you are using a boxed version of the game, there is no need at all times to insert a disk drive with the game). Since Steam lets you download games directly from the server Valve, it eliminates the need for a publisher - the intermediate link between the developer and the customer.
The developer is able to respond more quickly to the needs of the gaming community (for example, through the issue of free extras like Half-Life 2: Lost Coast) and to exercise full control over the spread of the games themselves, as even the boxed version of Steam-games require mandatory activation and a full update through Steam.

ability to buy the game on someone else's account as a gift (Gift). Or donate to someone "extra game", purchased repeatedly as part of the collection. For example, owners of Half-Life 2 and / or Half-Life 2: Episode One, to give the games to other people if you purchased a collection of The Orange Box. To do this, specify the e-mail recipient, or select the account in the list in a dialogue (with the recipient's account must be added to the list of friends - Steam Friends). Gifts are the most common form of Steam-gaming purchases through third parties, including users who can not afford to buy the game directly from the lack of a credit card. After the transfer of money from the buyer to the seller through the electronic payment system, the seller buys the game as a gift by credit card and sends it to the buyer via e-mail or via Steam. Prices from sellers who buy the game legally from your credit cards are usually somewhat higher prices of games on Steam. Sellers involved in carding, prices may be several times lower (typically $ 5 - $ 10 per game), but this involves a risk review gift and blocking Steam-account if the credit card holder discovers withdrawal and perform a denial of payment.

Online Games

It is the responsibility of Steam, responsible for online play, is to receive a list of servers, test versions of the client and server to ensure their compatibility as well as providing server account information and blocking Steam Accounts found to be cheating Service Valve Anti-Cheat, access to all network Steam-games that support the technology VAC. Steam also blocks access to the Steam-servers to users who do not have an account Steam (non-Steam versions of games) or to the account are not bought the game, which is another component of the protection of DRM. This component can not bypass the cracked version of Steam, since it requires breaking or circumventing the authentication servers Valve.

Steam Cloud

This feature allows you to save game data (such as personal configuration, your keyboard, mouse, and logo-sprays for multiplayer games) on the server Valve. This is useful for those who use their Steam-game on multiple computers. In what Valve is planning to add the ability to save files on the server and save. At the moment, Steam Cloud support the following games: Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2: Episode One, Half-Life 2: Episode Two, Counter-Strike: Source, Portal, Day of Defeat: Source, Left 4 Dead 2 Team Fortress 2, Alien Swarm, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Steam Community

Steam-Chat.12 September 2007 update was released for Steam (officially called the Steam Community), designed to facilitate communication between users of the service. Upgrading made the following changes:

Steam Community lets you create your personal web-pages in the system Steam, create groups and join them. In each group, have a chat, the number of people in that group displayed on the page.

The status of each participant is displayed on his page: Online, Offline, Away, Busy, in the game (with the name of the game) and sleep (not available for self-selection status is set automatically after two hours of inactivity the mouse and keyboard). Also on the personal page displays statistics for the last time the game 2 weeks, separately for each game. The time spent for non-Steam game does not appear in the statistics.

Chat with Steam has been significantly redesigned for the exit Steam Community. Added the ability to voice communication, and the possible number of participants has grown to several dozen (previously it was possible to contact only one-on-one). The main update Steam-chat is that you can use it in any game, even if it is not sold in Steam: Steam on the menu if the corresponding option is enabled, certain key combination (default Shift + TAB) offers a translucent menu Steam Overlay - Steam Community interface on top of the image game.

achievement system

In some games there are to achieve - optional game tasks, in the performance of each of them in the game information is stored. Moreover, if Steam is running in online mode, the achievement is also saved in your account Steam, which allows you to restore the earlier achievement when you reinstall the game. The first games using this system, we were playing Orange Box. All games in this set, except for Half-life 2 and Half-Life 2: Episode 1 (PC-versions of these games appeared to achieve only 26 May 2010), offering players a random set of achievements, implementation of which did not carry absolutely nothing, except the information in Statistics Steam. However, after some time, execution advances to display the gameplay network command shooter Team Fortress 2, which is currently available extensive renovation, extending arms each gaming. Along with any such update developers complete list of achievements set specifically for the advanced class. Performing a number of new advances and opens a new weapon, besides the job themselves forced to change behavior in the game. At this point, Team Fortress 2 is the only game that fully uses the possibilities of achievement. Another network shooter Valve, Day of Defeat: Source after the transition to an updated game engine also received a set of achievements, but their implementation does not affect game play.

Later the system was added to the set designers for Steamworks, allowing to add any achievements in the Steam-games. The first game to support the system, created not by Valve, was Audiosurf.

In the games, which are strongly integrated into the engine with Steam, achievements can only work when running on-line client, Steam (they are mostly playing Valve) . In most third-party games, they can work without Steam, but it is not stored on the Steam-account. For example, in Unreal Tournament 3 achievements are tied primarily to the game account, and only when running on-line Steam client is also stored on the servers Steam. In the case of removal of Steam achievements, they will remain in the game.

There is a program to unlock / lock Steam achievements on the gaming account - Steam Achievement Manager. With it, users can add themselves to achieve without the need to earn in the game "fair" way, or delete them. And this applies even to games, achievements which are not released and are being tested. The program has spread primarily among the players of Team Fortress 2, as unlocking new weapons depends on the amount received by the achievements.

Updates and offline

When you run the Steam client checks for updates for itself and all the games installed on your computer. If Steam started downloading updates, the game becomes available (including for off-line) until after they are downloaded. For online gaming updates are required, as for singles, the Steam offers standalone mode, where you can play Steam-games without an internet connection and download the required updates. Steam may enter offline and when connected to the Internet, but every time you start in offline mode, even if the Internet is disabled, Steam offers a start in online mode (not in the Steam settings to disable the request, which adds inconvenience at startup).

Integrity Check and defragment game files

Steam supports checking game files, comparing them with the checksum information on servers Valve. This procedure starts by force, if you try to start the game Steam is not its main files, and you can start it manually. Upon completion of the Steam perezakachivaet corrupted or modified files from the Internet. Also, for games in the format it is possible to defragment GCF GCF-content files. This procedure is offered to the user when the game starts, if the fragmentation of files within a virtual file system is too high. When you defragment files or check the game becomes temporarily unavailable, however, in contrast to the update when you cancel the procedure, the game is made possible. To perform both procedures require information from the servers of Valve, so they can be performed only in online mode, if your Internet connection.


Window Management gifts (Gift) and guest priglasheniyami.Propuski
Passes (English Guest Passes). From time to time players having any multiplayer game, issued an invitation to a guest, which can be sent to any person by himself Steam or e-mail. Received an invitation, in turn, can activate it and within a few days to play the full version.

Discount Weekend

Discount Weekend (English Weekend Deal). Each weekend will receive a discount on one or more games. As a rule, 50 - 75%. Thus, you can buy games a lot cheaper than usual. Sometimes the discount is a game developer who does not allow for the purchase of games from Russia. Buy this game is impossible.

Free Weekend

Free Weekend (English Free Weekend) act like a guest invitation, but the game is available immediately for all wishing for a certain period of time (usually three days, from Friday to Monday), but as a giver himself has a standing invitation to the game developer. Just as in the case of guest invitations, the player can enjoy the full game until the closing date.

Lock Account

Valve reserves right to terminate accounts of users who violate a user agreement. The main types of violations are:

piracy and hacking

This includes the use of cracked Steam client to access the network Steam, attempts to register a fake or found on the Internet CD keys.
fraud with credit cards
Any fraudulent activity with credit cards when paying for Steam-products, and committing the operation of default (chargebacks) (regardless of when the transaction was made).
Stealing, sharing or sale of foreign accounts
Any action with other people's accounts without the permission of their owners: the theft and replacement of the password, use the account to log in, any transaction with the account, the disclosure of account data, etc. However, sharing may in turn.
Phishing attacks and deliberate deception of users
This includes communication with the users of Steam under misleading names and e-mail addresses, staff allegedly Steam or Valve (for example: «Steam Admin» or «John @ Steampowered . com »), in order to lure the password and other confidential account information.
Buying and selling accounts Steam
responsibility for the use and safety of a Steam account is primarily for the initial user - all of the accounts, subjected to the purchase or sale of, in sorting out fact from Valve sales may be blocked.
Any other violation of the "Subscriber Agreement Steam» or "Rules of Conduct Network Steam»

I hope this information was helpful.
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