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What to buy in the first round?
In this article we consider the situation where the battle has just begun, and you have to "pocket" costs only $ 800. Main distribute them correctly and wisely. But there are many disputes about the validity of wasting of seed capital. Everyone thinks differently and in some ways he is right and what is not present. Weigh all the pros and cons of each option.

Option 1: The most common. Dezert eagle (b1 / 4) + bullet for him (b7). Well set to say on this fact: This gun has the firepower and high muzzle velocity of all the available arsenal, bullets 3-4 and the opponent gets a spectator society - an impressive fact! Zdoravo like, but:
1. Purchase Dezert'a and bullets at once will spend your nest egg.
2. Dezert has 7 rounds in the cage, and 21 in reserve, and they used up very quickly.
Dezert good gun, and no self-respecting sniper will not go into battle without him. There is a belief in the people that would dezert shoot more accurately, it is necessary to release him from a cartridge reload and once - the first bullet goes awry, but the others exactly.

Option 2: 1-on explosive grenade (b8 / 4) and the 2nd light (b8 / 3) + the remaining $ 100 for the initial bullet gun. Blind - well, undermining the garnet is even better - but what then? Not all play is sure to feel the gun and call for your "go go go" hardly anyone will respond. And the bullets on the enemy takes more than dezert'a.

Option 3: Kevlar (b8 / 1) + bullet for the initial gun. In this case, you will be somehow protected from enemy bullets, which will give the decisive 2-3 seconds. Because the book is worth $ 650, then the remaining bucks you can buy a sufficient number of rounds (12 or 20 and about a hundred in stock) The only bad head kevlar protects - or rather do not cares, and the pistol is most often try to get it there.

Option 4: Some players prefer not to spend the initial capital - "Lomlyus to fight with everyone - anyone can, and kill, and a bit of a corpse that pulled the barrel" They do it here with a purpose: in the second round of few who have enough money for a decisive valynu and not spent $ 800 will help in solving this problem. And if your team lost the round - $ 800 would be superfluous. These options are the most common. They can be combined, viewed with other guns, but it's not for everybody.

There is a very interesting move by the terrorists - to $ 800 initial individuals to buy a gun kontrovsky (usp b1 / 1) + ammo for it. When asked why, they say it is better to link the terrorist (glock b1 / 2) - more precisely, more powerful. But do not take into account the fact that the developers did not give preference to any one of the parties. All weapons are the same - kind of different. Benefits of a weapon can be expressed in other benefits.

Example: ak-47 is more powerful m4a1, but very large scatter, the sight gets off after 4-5 bullets. A weaker m4a, but accuracy is many times greater than the Kalash.

So in a situation with initial kontrovskim and terrorism: Usp powerful "Glock", but he has 12 bullets in a cage, and a "Glock 20" - will be recharged while konter terror can make up the balance remaining in his very cartridges. Usp exactly "Glock", and if the screw Glushak so generally good, but the power soon goes away. Glock is less precise, but he made up for this shortcoming with its unique property of inhibition. The fact is that when you begin to pour in from close Glock, then each gets a bullet in the goal, the goal begins to slow. But the effect diminishes with distance.

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