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Tactics on the map de_aztec
Options for CT

De_aztec - interesting, very well balanced map. If you want a certain event, the latter may develop as a leisurely, measured, and vice versa - very intense. To my personal dismay speed Counter-Strike has recently been increasing, while all round decline. And even slower jumps could not influence this process. So when choosing a strategy of CT has the speed to put at the forefront.

Many connoisseurs of CS believe that dissent initially have a slight advantage for the Aztecs. Perhaps, but for this they can not lose a second time to spawn. A vanity and excessive haste often leads to unforced errors, greatly hampered the coordination game, and none at all to no good result. Therefore, the strategy for CT de_aztec does not imply, in my view, a wide variety of options.

Everyone knows that success on this map contraception is necessary to protect the two bombpleysov: near the base of CT (christened it A) and on the waterfront (this will let B, see Figure 1). It is clear that to protect bombpleysov enough to provide reliable control of two strategically important areas. The first zone includes the end of the bridge and kontrovsky snout waterfront between the output of the bridge and boat ramp. The second zone includes a promenade in the immediate vicinity bombpleysa B. If dissent foothold in these areas, they are able to control the bridge and the door, and water. And will also have ways to retreat.

Therefore, based on what has been said, I believe that CT should team will split into two groups (call them Alpha and Bravo). For the classic version of the 5x5 it will be a group of two people. The fifth man - the captain - a free player, which, depending on the situation and the enemy's strategy, strengthens him the most dangerous areas.

Location and task groups.

Alfa Group to take positions in the first zone. Alpha-1 should monitor the bridge (poz.A1 in Figure 1), take a position on the bridge before it makes the opponent, be prepared to hand grenades thrown at from under the bridge and leave himself room for maneuver (including waste). Alpha-2, the second fighter in the group must cover the waterfront with a partner (or poz.A2 C). Its task is to control the release of water from the ladder and support groups in the case of Bravo storming the gates. And when the enemy is coming down through the gates, control becomes a priority out of the water. Because under massive attack through the gates of Bravo team will not be able to somehow control the water. Also, as far as possible, Alpha-2 should be hedging a group of Bravo, and looking for further release of water - the descent. When you see the terror on the descent Alpha-2 must immediately notify a group of Bravo, so as for them it is a very dangerous situation, and eliminate the threat of self-Alpha-2 is unlikely to be able to.

Next, turn to what the group should deal with Bravo. Like their colleagues, Bravo 1 and Bravo 2 will not have to lose a lot of time to spawn. Their problem, I would beat on the task of maximum and minimum objective. When sufficient time would be the best option, if managed a Bravo out of the door and run over to the boxes for the descent, or even to the opposite wall constructions (item B1 in Figure 1). In this scenario, Bravo-1 would have a more secure position, and Bravo 2 (poz.V2 in Figure 1) would have greater freedom of maneuver and the ability to control the water. This is the maximum objective for the group of Bravo.

If, however, described the passage impossible. Then a group of Bravo should refocus on the task-minimum. This task is only out of doors on both teammates and trying to block enemy fire shturmuemye gates and embankment. And out of doors only makes sense so as not to overlap each other escape routes (poz.V2 and B1 '). Despite its name, this task is no less important and no less complicated. Especially should consider acquired positional advantage of the enemy.

Now the position of captain and its problems. He, as usual, is the decision to purchase options (standard purchase, free, lowest round or plum). But he does not need to worry about choosing the options and the location of the attack groups. So he should pay special attention to the choice of its position, based on the analysis of enemy actions. The most useful (a priori, with no assumptions about the actions of the enemy) will support the captain of Alpha. In particular, we would be well if the captain would take such a position that allows him to take some of the problems with the Alpha-2. For example, it may be out of the water control (poz.S in Figure 1). Or the captain can get long-range rifle and take the door and quay (poz.A2). In the event of an attack of the bridge, he can cover the withdrawal of Alfa, etc.

This freedom of choice position is the only captain of the joker in the deck pretty mediocre counter. But rigid distribution groups and their areas of influence to avoid many errors and misunderstandings, which I think is a bigger factor in this map.

Maneuvers and coordination. Repel the attack on the bridge.

In the standard case, where there is money to weapons-class M16, the two groups and a captain in the early rounds tend to occupy positions as described above. Likely to attack from the opponents will undergo only one direction: either A or B. If the terrors will attack bombpleys A, then the main blow will be directed to the bridge and water. In this case, the group should have time to Bravo to perform the task, max. Bravo-1 takes control of the gate, because logical to expect out of the gate diversionary attacks, and support of colleagues at the time of leaving the water. A Bravo-2 is fully concentrating on the opponent attempts to rush to the exit of the water. By taking the respective positions of a group of Bravo must inform the colleagues. Only then can leave the group Alpha embankment outside his attention.

If the attack on the bridge will be terrors quite successful, the group Alpha should not stay back in the direction of kontrovskoy base and sit in the ladder (and poz.A1''A2''). Set aside the basic positions should not forget to inform the group of Bravo, as they do is fraught with the advent of terrors on the opposite end of the promenade. Following the departure of the soldiers of Alpha Bravo or reflect enemy attacks, remain in place until the destruction of the enemy in the water and the gates. Either they maneuver toward bombpleysa A. In the case of a significant loss of combat capability it will retreat through the door at its base. When you save the combat capability it may be counter to the waterfront. And in either case, start maneuver is accompanied by an informational message.

If terrorists, broke through the bridge is not vvyazhutsya into battle with a group of Bravo, and, while maintaining coordination, continue to break on A, group I would recommend the Alpha retreat even further, to kontrovsky respawn. At this point, in my opinion, more important to keep at least some combat capability groups, rather than simply to weaken the attacking terror, but at the same time allowing the complete destruction of Alpha (with Captain). Let them put a bomb terrors. For just such situations, the captain and Bravo-2 must be tweezers. If you put a bomb terrors, they will have to protect it from the counter-counter. And if the moment for a counterattack will be chosen correctly, if we can coordinate the two groups or to choose a time when one of the Terrors will be busy installing a bomb, the fate of the round will be solved. If the rescue group does not have to rely Bravo, and the chances of a successful counter-attack from Alfa there is little, then I would have given the command to both groups to retreat into the corridor, where zakemperit the round, keeping the rifle and Armor. Believe me, this saving will be more useful than a heroic death.

Repel the attack on the waterfront.

The second option attack by terrorists - an attack on bombpleys in on the waterfront. The chances of success of such an attack are very dependent on the speed of terror. If not stormozyat dissent, the attack should take them terrors in the implementation of group problem-Bravo maximum. If so, Bravo-1, I would advise to keep going to the nearest vantage point, without being distracted by the enemy. Bravo-2 at this point is to keep the gate under the gun and the first to react to the situation. Immediately should connect to Alpha-2 (and / or captain) and cut off by fire its part of the embankment. By the time the horn at end-Bravo 2, Bravo-1 should already be in position and take the initiative.

It is possible that the counter will have to abandon attempts to perform a task is the maximum, if they lose in the speed of terror. Then meet opponents out of the gate they would have while in the vicinity of its doors (poz.V2 and B1 '). In this case, or in the event of a failed attempt to perform a task-Max, the group will depart Bravo. The only way for retreat - is a corridor (poz.V1''and''B2). As an aside, Bravo is uniquely loses the potential to control the water. This means that the terrorists are completely master the lower floor, and Alpha team must decide what she would have to maneuver makes it possible to take it.

If, before the fire contact group had not completed the task of Success is the maximum, the Alpha and the captain must take into account the threat from the water. Otherwise, the beginning and end of control over water from the Bravo-2 must be accompanied by appropriate messages. If the group decides to retreat Bravo in the corridor (which, again, should be communicated to colleagues), then there is the next choice Alpha. First, the easiest thing to stay in position, trying to regain control of the waterfront. At a fraction of luck and personal skills can extend the time and try not to put a bomb terror when a group of Bravo still be able to support these efforts through its door. But most of all, when a massive attack on the quay, flat-footed group of Bravo, the passage of a pair of terror with the release of water to descend the stairs and immediately re-establish control over the embankment will not succeed. Then I would suggest to leave the group Alpha embankment. If the combat capability of alpha minimal, they can retreat through the spawn in the corridor, to connect to the Bravo group and try to prorashit bomb, if the state of Bravo satisfactory. If the chances of a successful rush is very small, it is better to sit in the hallway, do not forget, when zapikaet, back to their spawn.

But there are a couple of options if the group gets involved in Alpha is not disadvantageous for them to fight and saves the high combat effectiveness. This - the options counterattack on the bridge and through the gate from the bridge into the water, or with the division that I do not like it, but sometimes works. If you passed the bridge (or jumping from it) before attacking a group coordinate with the Bravo, such a maneuver will be much more successful than all previously described for this situation. However, it should always be well regarded opponents. Terrors also not stupid and will try to leave the shelter. Therefore, if the economic situation in the team hard, then I would prefer to retreat. Because if the counter-attack leading to the complete destruction of the team, the next round will have to merge.

Options for T

Unlike their opponents, the terror on this map have more freedom in the choice of strategy. However, many options available to impose a number of significant limitations. These limitations are primarily due to the level of teamwork and team by how far the team has moved to resolve communication problems. It must be admitted that our team communication problem is still far from being resolved, and therefore propose to consider only a few key strategic choices, not placing increased demands on the personal skills of the players.

All options are focused on universal organizational structure komadny: two groups (Alpha and Bravo), a two-man + captain, always supporting one of the groups. For the classic 5 on 5 I think this is the best option. And when klanvorah with a large number of players in the team - just stepping up the group.

Rush to the embankment

So, the first option I would call the "rush to the embankment," or "rush to B" is shorter. It seems to me a good start and the party has a better chance of success with a light armament of the enemy. This version of the Alpha and the group commander (he is - a constant carrier bomb), without stopping, out of the gate on the embankment (Item A1 and A2 in Figure 1). Both fighters of Alfa immediately run forward and hide behind a pillar boxes and fire from the end of the quay, which is adjacent to the exit from the bridge, and closest to the spawn kontrovskomu bombpleysu. Task Group Alpha as possible to move forward and crush the resistance controlled at the door. It is therefore important to ensure that no alpha-1 or alpha-2 is not diverted to a counter in the said part of the embankment. To do this they must learn quickly and correctly to occupy the position of the boxes. Even better, if they can not reduce the rate to reach bombpleysa (poz.A1 'and A2' in Figure 1). Next group of Alpha may or storm door or, at a significant loss of combat capability, simply close the door to the fire.

The captain (who, mind you, always with a bomb) comes third. In my opinion it should not be distracted, too, to counter the waterfront and take a position at an angle and cover a group of Alpha aimed fire on kontrovskoy doors and the part of the embankment (poz.S in Figure 1). Contra on the waterfront must address the terror that goes out the door in fourth place. Let this be Bravo 2. He should go after the captain takes position at an angle to the right of the door. Coming out, Bravo-2 is set in the right side of the embankment and tried to take a position behind a pillar, where it will be difficult to shoot from the door kontrovskoy (item B2 in Figure 1).

After Bravo 2 will control the parallel bridge embankment, the captain begins his motion to bombpleysu. He must be ready to sweep bombpleysa after a group of Alfa, and pay special attention to the "purity" of the descent to the water, where they can appear very enterprising dissent. Can this type of work, "janitor" and not the most prestigious, but it is not bad at CS oplachivatesya, gg.

So it remains to say a few words about the maneuvers of Bravo-1. His task was not controlled to prevent a breakthrough on the bridge. He should also have sufficient activity at the time of the assault, if possible by linking the battle controlled to protect the bridge. If the Bravo-1 will notice that the dissent left the bridge, he can support his single attack via a bridge or a bridge into the water. However, he should not forget about the possibility of controlled passage through the water with a counter bombpleysa in through the gates. But in the successful installation of the bomb to keep the gate and the main attacker will quadruple. And because the only requirement for Bravo 1 - a report about their maneuvers and location.

Slow attack on the embankment

The above-described straight-line attack requires four waterfront Terrors high speed. Success also will contribute to the time that you can win on the purchase. But if the majority of terrors in the previous round had been killed and contraception, by contrast, do not have to be bought in full, the output of the gates of terror will likely expect a nasty surprise. In this case, you can conduct a "slow attack on the waterfront."

Alfa Group and the captain took the position at the gate and on the bridge (poz.A2, A1 and C in Figure 2). Bravo Group goes under the bridge immediately and in full force (approximately domain B in Figure 2). For distraction and disorientation of the enemy team can simulate Bravo attack on the bridge, thrown on kontrovsky end of the bridge a couple of grenades. However, the main goal of Success - a breakthrough for boat ramp at bombpleysa B. Once dissent pay attention to the group of Bravo, which can easily be determined "by ear", immediately begins to attack a group of Alpha.

Alpha-1, was on duty at the gate, runs out onto the embankment, running ahead of the boxes (poz.A1 'in Figure 2). His maneuver somewhere half the time (so that dissent is no stranger) to anticipate the captain can throw sticks or two. Alpha-1 task group to help crush the resistance of Bravo controlled by the door and on the waterfront in the area bombpleysa. Just behind the Alpha-1 passes the gate captain (the bomb). Assessing the situation, he can help colleagues take bombpleys or engage in a battle with the counter on the parallel bridge embankment. In my understanding, it would be better still if the captain will be able to avoid a fight at the gate, leaving the problem on the head of Alpha-2. Recall that was supposed to hold the bridge at the time of the attack. But once the battle began on the waterfront, Alpha-2 is to leave the bridge and join the attack through the gate colleagues (poz.A2 ').

So, waiting for reinforcements from the Alpha-2, the master is cleaned bombpleys. If the situation is successful, then the Alpha-1 and the men of Bravo should take embankment bombpleysa (area B "in Figure 2) and concentrate fire on the door and the opposite side of the embankment. If the time bomb set the group managed to maintain Bravo combat capability, we can take the storm door, followed by mopping up the corridor. Alpha-1 can take part in the assault, or stay at the door, depending on the situation. After twenty seconds after the abandonment of the bridge Alpha 2 should turn its attention to the gate, if not all of the remaining doubles on the waterfront.

If the situation is not in favor of terror. If the Alpha-1 killed and Bravo team was unable to break through to bombpleysu ... Then, at the discretion of the captain I would leave such options. Alpha-2 and retreat master on the bridge, the remainder of the Bravo group takes a defensive position under the bridge. Further, the first option - an attempt to attack the bridge with a red herring under the bridge. Or the second option - the refusal of further attempts to attack and hold the current position with a possible retreat to their spawn.

The attack on the bridge

Finally, the third and last consideration of the proposed "simple" options. This attack on the bridge. Alfa Group holds positions on the bridge at the gate and the captain - with them (A1, A2 and C in Figure 3). Bravo Group goes under the bridge (area B) and their scores on Un-shki kontrovsky end of the bridge. Immediately after Alpha-1 and the captain begin its movement along the bridge, Alpha-2 mimics the activity at the gate and also goes to the bridge, and the group begins to attempt to break Bravo to the exit of water to the bridge (not a ramp and stairs). If successful, the breakthrough of both groups in the doubles bombpleysa A will or killed in crossfire (from the bridge and out of the water), or retreat to their spawn. Further actions of groups on the situation and depending on the decisions the commander. In general, this defense bombpleysa: prevention of threats to the waterfront, the bridge and the respawn counter.

If the events will arise not so fortunate. If only the group will break the Alpha and the captain, they are cleaned and put bombpleys bomb. Bravo Group (if there even is anyone alive) continues to divert forces controlled the fight, thus weakening their counterattack. If, however, will not be able to break any of the groups (the case of breakout groups only Bravo is not considered), then I would prefer to retreat on the water or under a bridge, or terrorsky respawn, saving energy and money for the next round.
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