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Tactics on the map de_dust2
De_dust2 - is the logical continuation of the popular maps de_dust. The purpose and objectives are the same - teroristy (T) should set the bomb, and counter-teroristy (CT), respectively, to neutralize it.
However, not all as easy as in the good old dust. If the old classic map CT enough to block the tunnel and out from under the bridge, that is, simply, to close two out of the gut and make sure that T is not passed under the bridge, then on de_dust2 T received more than the operating room for his actions, and this can be considered de_dust2 more balanced and well-balanced card.

Let's start with the behavior of CT (hereinafter considered tactics when playing 4x4). Intersect two bases on this map is simply not possible due to the fact that T have 6 (!) Variants of the attack. Let us consider them in detail:

* T attacked the base B through the tunnel directly
* T attacked the base in a tunnel - the wooden gate 2 * - with a stop to it by the base ST
* T base in the attack through the wooden gate 2, with a stop at her from the base ST
T * A base attack directly through the wooden gate 1 *
T * A base attack through the left exit of the base ST
T * A base attack through two wooden doors with a stop at her through the base ST.

Given the above options becomes clear - ST really do not have time to block possible ways of developing attacks T variant ST division into two groups and the closure of these groups directly databases A and B are also not acceptable due to the fact that T, if they are mobile group (in other words together), always turn to the numerical majority (in this case, 4 vs. 2) and with equal skills of players of both teams capture the base with minimal losses, set the bomb and have time before the arrival of the second group of PTs take place around defense as bombs.

Based on the above, chances to win at virtually no ST. But as the practice in a tactic to stop the T is still possible! How do you do?

There are two options:

The easiest - ST should do to attack T. Born CT outright attack through the wooden gates T 2 and T meeting directly at the fork (a wooden gate - pass on a base on the left), with one CT (preferably running first) should have run into tunnel and climbed the stairs to meet the T if they go for option 1, with the rest of the CT should sharply to regroup and return back through the wooden gate to attack the remaining 2 T through the wooden gate on the basis of 3 * B.

If the first method because of advantages in the speed of T does not pass, you should act. CT can be divided into two scouts and so-called "rapid response team." At the time of the start of the round scouts through the wooden gates 2 are nominated in the following areas: the first in a tunnel for a possible attack in the T base, the second up to the junction leading to the base A. The task of intelligence to detect the enemy and give "rapid response team" message about the upcoming attack T. In battle they must not enter or at least should not, you can just throw a couple grenades light, disorienting the enemy or to send them after HE. The behavior of "rapid response team" should be as follows: during the action of scouts, they remain at their base and wait for messages on the site of attack of T, having received it, "RRG" quickly comes to the place of the alleged bomb bookmarks, and one of the free intelligence just rushes back the other covers the enemy's rear end in T are in a ring environment.

Equipment scouts: Mp5, two light-hee and grenades, armor + helmet.
Equipment "RRG": Solt M4A1 or Steyr AUG, heh grenade (if you have money you can light), diffuse Kid, armor + helmet.

Ideally, everything should look exactly at such tactics can win a PT card or at least play it with a minimum score. That later (this applies to games in the championship on the official rules) would help, given the victory for Team T, to win the map.

On counter-terrorism is clear, what with such a competent tactics CT is done ... the terrorists will try to understand. Variants of the attack two T bases were considered by us above, and in principle they remain in force, but a tactic. First T as CT and should divide the range of tasks for each player. For example, reconnaissance, attack and cover up. In the early rounds should be kept strictly T together and choosing the direction of attack to move the following order - first is intelligence, then attack aircraft, covering the last.

Scout - a player who, born, chooses the direction of attack of the team and send it for themselves by using the Follow me. In the armed reconnaissance should include: Mp5, light, heh, and smoke grenades, armor + helmet.

Its main task - it's reconnaissance! Scout joins the battle with any, even against overwhelming odds and reports to other team members about their number ve, and possibly the location. If the average distance to the enemy and direct threat to the melee is not a scout joins the battle and until the main force probes firing positions opponents to attack aircraft after going to know where the target is.

Attack Aircraft - players with good shooting on small and medium distances, their jobs after the intelligence to quickly suppress the fire of the enemy, allowing the group to break through to the site as bombs. Weapon assault: AK-47, SIG-550 Mp5 (if there is no money), a set of grenades and armor + helmet.

Cover up - the player is going to last, and the group responsible for its protection from the rear. It is advisable that the bomb also was with him in because he was the last joins the battle (and maybe did not join) and, therefore, gets a chance to deliver a bomb to place bookmarks. Can cover up to use any weapon, but preferably an AK-47, which is particularly useful for covering and in the melee, in addition, of course a set of grenades and armor + helmet.

If CT had a strong fire resistance and take the place of a bookmark with the first storm of T can not advisable to change the direction of attack. This should be done is not noticeable to the enemy. Scout continues to fight at a distance and all kind (throwing grenades, etc.) shows that the group will attack a bookmark in this direction. Meanwhile, attack and cover up, or go to the same place bookmarks on the other hand, it would be a total surprise to a PT or even go to another location in the bookmark with one of the assault can also disorient the enemy to attack the PT from the rear, that they finally believed in the possibility of attack in that direction. And cover up and the second attack calmly set the bomb and take up defensive positions.

* A wooden gate - the gate to a place a bookmark
* 2 wooden gates - the gates are in close proximity with the base CT
* 3 wooden gates - the gate to place bookmarks in the
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