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Tactics on the map de_inferno
Tactics on the map de_inferno

The designations given on the card: 1 - T rep (T spawn place in the early rounds) 2 - Hole 3 - 4 Towers - Kitchen 5 - 6 floorboard - Length 7 - 8 Lower carpets - carpets Top 9 - Balcony / window 10 - 11 Middle - Small Middle 12 - Big Sands 13 - Bombpleys A (Plant A) 14 - Small Sand 15 - Library 16 - Green 17 - SC Rep. (CT spawn place for the next round) 18 - Scion / sleeve 19 - Tile 20 - Bombpleys B ( Plant B) 21 - Doug Examples of key defensive positions (PT) As you've probably already an attack on small bombsite is basically only one area - the arc, while an attack on a bombpleys possible from three directions - from the windows , carpets, and Middleton, while trying to defend if the Defense Plant in large closed, the Middle divided into two more - small Middle and greens. Options for PT positions in bombpleyse: 1 - often met at the game player's position on a small bombsite with awp. Standing on the tile, CT scans T trying to get out on the arc. In the case of a miss, as a rule, a player goes in the direction of CT spawn or deeper on the small Plante, such as a spike. 2 - Position for experienced players with a high level of skill. Position strongly flushes grenades and requires a player to a good reaction, but it is often done from here or minus three or more while trying to run as a team T by a small bombsite. 3 - Comfortable position in the process, where you can not shoot with all the running around at the same time T, and methodically shoot ran from the small tiles bombsite. It is desirable that in this case your partner made sure that none of the attackers in the process has not gone by the CT spawn and kill you in the back. 4 - One of the easiest options for the defense of the position of small plantations. Typically, the space under the arch made blanket and shooting blindly, but nonetheless often quite effectively. Here you have, perhaps, the best chance to survive and wait for reinforcements. Options positions ST to hold carpet: 1 - Position for an experienced awp-player, which can often kill the first outlet to the upper carpets player attacks and subsequently move away to larger or deeper in the sand bombsite. 2 - Easy and quick replanting on the corner box can help you win more than one round. The player at this position is large enough and comfortable range of possible actions. It can be viewed simultaneously emerging from the carpet and going with a small Middle or move away a little deeper and see the big jump into the sand. At the very least have the opportunity to jump into the corner of the box, which also has a good chance to kill a few enemies, but remember that to get out there without the help of a partner you will not succeed. Not bad, if your partner while still viewing a small Middle. 3 - Long position for viewing from the library coming from the carpet, of course, with awp. 4 - Different positions in the large sand frequently applied in the defense bombpleysa A. One of them allows you to see the head coming out with a carpet of T and at the same time, if necessary, you can easily switch to a small Middle. Options positions ST to hold a small Middle: 1 - Just a silly at first glance nychka large sand under rugs can bring a lot of T unpleasant surprises. First, you can always safely distribute an attacker ran from the small Middle, and at the same time, turning only at 90 degrees, to behold the back jump from the carpets in the big sands players attack. 2 - Another one of the boxes podsadok bombpleysa A. At this time, to see the small Middle. After the first minus sign you can safely jump from the boxes and change position. 3 - already familiar to us in great position desert, but this time the emphasis defensive player makes in defense of the small Middle, do it in the open or moving away slightly to the left - is your personal choice. 4 - Interesting position, allowing not only to see the head T, trying to get in a small Middle, but also comfortable enough to kill the running out of carpets. Options positions ST to ST Middle retention and green: 1 - Classics of the genre. Awp by CT scans CT spawn, trying to enter the Middle ST. Possible retreat deeper into the library or to CT rep. 2 - Triple replanting on a large Plante, usually played in the early rounds, and is used for viewing or running out of carpets players attack or leaving on the greens. Not once have gone unnoticed in this position, the players decided the fate of rounds in favor of his team. 3 - position in uncomplicated small sand can not only keep the T coming out with greenery, but also attempted to run a PT rep. 4 - The position is the most interesting, if two players are defensive use it in conjunction with the above previous position. In this case, the players actually look crosswise at the same time insure each other. The main options for attacks on de_inferno most logical - and hence the most commonly used - is an attack on a small arc on bombsite whole team, and many different variations of the attack on the large Plant exit from the balcony and carpets in various ratios of T players, eventually all still comes down to a simultaneous attack with T carpets and small Middle, occasionally supported with greens, or vice versa - with green carpets and are not using the small Middle. Also interesting is often used to attempt to round T to pass the PT rep and attack small bombsite from two directions - CT spawn and the arc.
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