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Tactics on the map de_nuke
Tactics on the map de_nuke

What is good map de_nuke, so this is their size and number of camper spaces. Consider cemper place while playing for different teams.

So the terrorists.

For the Terrors on the map a vast field of activity: camper places a lot, take positions on them easily and generally very good card for campers. :) The first camper place, well, you can not tell camper place at all (they know what it all), in the back of the machine, if the dissent would run on a terrorist watch meat-based, you can shoot them in the back, but it often doubles (body) first shoot through. .. Let us go further: between the mountain and the machine can also "hide" - not a good position, tk no room to maneuver (retreat, then nowhere) and you can see there is not much ... To get to the next camper place to two people, there is not one unnecessarily climb. It is located on the hill to the right of the hangar (when viewed from the terrorists): One person should podsadit another in the corner. From this place pretty hard to fight because there is no shelter, and the review is very great: and you see far, far away and you see ... With proper execution - a good place. If you run right from the base of the terrorists can hide behind the first box, only to hide so that the "hole" not sticking your back;). Usually doubles runners look that way after the first compartment, while the other is not paying attention, then that we catch them. The main disadvantages: the competent players (read Farther) are browsing this point and always if the dissent break through the other side or come out from the roof, then all is lost ... A great place is on the table inside the hangar, but for it must still be overcome, and do not know whose place this camper: X or the terrorists, because run to her have an equal chance both teams, although Terra probably be faster. The next camper and camper place place at all, and so a glitch when to sit down in the "house" near bombplanta, in the right corner, with the help of another person can jump up. We must stand up to him and he should jump to first push to the roof. If the person who was not pushed lamer, will deal with all. But there is one "but": this bug is considered cheating and the champ banned, and even on some servers.


In controlled camper seats less, but not behind the terrorists. The first camper place - in a window, the main disadvantage - a box, closing the review, although it can be wisely used as a cover. Although I know myself: first of all, if the terrorists have broken through the storm, then they shoot it in the box, so that "or pan, or swim": shoot first, will enter - kill, or be late with promazhesh shot - will kill you. Go ahead. If you jump up the stairs, go outside and walk back, you can find a good place, and not very well seen, its main drawback: for the shooting should protrude a good distance, and grenades can be cast aside ... Next camper place - just candy, but at first you do not get to it. So, if the flattery of the stairs, go inside the hangar, jump on one of the floors and jump right into this overlap, we can make good money kills. For the people, ran from the main entrance you are practically invisible, but if you notice, it will be very hard to fight. Next camper place is in the second hangar, but to climb on it you will need one more person, maybe two.:) So, he must podsadit you on the lamp - the perfect place, but its main disadvantage, is that for all round there may not run over any opponent, and lose a lot of jumping out Halsey. At the same lamp can jump in the first hangar.

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