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Tactics on the map de_train
Tactics on the map de_train
The strategy for the counter.


Usually when you play at Trine konter-terrorists are using the standard layout of people - it's two in a closed, two on the green line at the gut and one in the bag, or a 41 car, he should come to the aid of those who will be a major breakthrough. Now let's discuss this strategy. First Private. There are three basic layouts for the protection of private individuals. The first standard. This one holds a mountain of descent, the other holding a ramp from the 32 car, either under 12 or 32 from the roof of the car. The weak point in such a layout, is a man on the mountain, who often see only one head. Accordingly, the probability increases Headshots per. Skate with the fairly well protected, because the enemy does not know where it will be on fire. The second layout. One person under 31 car, a 32 second car. Very well controlled ramp (two hole), but left open the mountain, usually a person who is under 31 sees the wagon man's head going up the hill, but if your tactics have caught, then up the hill, you can easily pass unnoticed, crouching and moving along the wall. From under the car you will not see. The third layout. One person controls the slope, one is sitting on 21 car. A man sitting on a train 21 controls access to the mountain, an advantage of this position include the fact that the head can be seen coming up the hill, until such time until you start to shoot you are not so easy to miss (unless you know where to look). Cons of all positions are standard, a person who is on the mountain should be able to shoot well and quickly. When closed, the mountain - is a weak point ...
During clanwar best alternate tactics. A small hint, a counter-terrorist control ramp can easily throw a grenade into the throat of a ricochet of a slope. If the terrors run clattering feet, they are very good you can catch.


There are three basic layouts konter terrorists, in the open. First - this is for two brilliant green, one in the bag. Two control intestine. If there is a rush through the barrel, then they can easily unfold. If there is a rush to the gut, then stop the enemies together in a narrow corridor, it is very easy. The problem is the appendix, which no one controls. In addition people in the bag are very much at risk as well as in time to reach a barrel terrors almost simultaneously. And if a terrorist konter in the bag was removed, then a big rip in the defense. The second layout. One is on the brilliant green pastures and intestine, one is located near the cabinet, so that the wheels 52 car cover for him from a possible threat to the drums, and shepherds the appendix, one is located between 51 and 52 cars and controls a barrel. Advantages of this layout are easy to graze all outputs open. Lows man sitting between 51 and 52 of the wagon should have a high skill of shooting, so he must help the person on fire Zelenka (if there is a break) to help a man herding the appendix (if the break is from there) and be able to stop the breakthrough on the barrel alone (as how to help him no one has time). Disadvantages, if a person is between 51 and 52 of the wagon was removed, then all the people are open are in great danger. There is another version of the same tactics, only man shepherd appendix sits on 43 car. It is very rare to see people realize there. Fires 2.1 rounds, but works in 95% of cases. The third layout. Two grazing intestine, one tending from the open (dark corner of the car 51 or 51 from the top of the car. Pasturing Pros person open is not visible to the enemy, until you started shooting. So you can accurately aim. Good grazing appendix, good grazing intestine (in Two Smoking Barrels). Cons if terrors go through a barrel by Zelenka, a person under 51 wagon they just do not see (or sees too late). Therefore, if the terrors of the split and go both on the barrel and colon, then a very big chance to lose.

Choose a tactic that is best suited to you, and rotate their best ...

Little hint. intestine and appendix is ​​easy to mouth with sounds.

Terror tactics.

The attack on the private.

Until you ran to the balcony, try not to stomp to not alert the enemy of your presence and do not get a grenade. Be sure to leave the mouth of one ladder to the appendix, it is likely that you will try to come back. The core group should go to the mountain. This is the most vulnerable point, and only after the clash began a fire on the mountain, one (for example, those who pass the back) can go down the slope. If all the opponents were distracted by people on the mountain, it is likely to remove them from the back. If you put a bomb on top 22 car (though it's dangerous), you can win a couple of seconds, as konter-terrorists usually seek out a bomb at the bottom of the car. Remember if konter terrorist graze close, then they probably do it out of the car 11,12,31,32, respectively, check them out.

The attack on the public.

Order of the attack should be given to a person in a barrel, it can figure out how to sit a counter-terrorists. Open to attack you have to learn how about sitting konter-terrorists, and even more desirable to remove a person in a bag, or between 51 and 52 cars (if there is one). The attack on the public must necessarily begin with several parties. For example, with guts and drums simultaneously. Otherwise, the enemy may have time to rebuild and you will be hard to break. Remember if the enemies in the headphones (and they are likely to be in the headphones) then go to the appendix and colon unnoticed probably will not work (will give out sound). Known system, if you put a bomb in the open between 41 and trolley bag (though it's dangerous), it can be controlled from the roof.

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